Patient Healing Begins With You

  • General oncology
  • Distress management certification
  • Palliative care certification
  • Breast cancer certification
  • Head and neck cancer certification
  • Blood cancers
  • GI, esophageal, pancreatic, liver, and colorectal cancers
  • Prostate, bladder and gynecological cancers
  • Cancer-related pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Cancer of the central nervous system
  • Lung cancer certification
  • Cancer-related cognitive impairment
  • Skin cancers

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Healthcare Professionals

To stay current, today’s busy healthcare professionals need to stay on top of continuing education units (CEUs). At Specialty Rehab, we appreciate there’s so much more to oncology education than earning CEUs, and it isn’t easy. We get it. You’re busy. Between work, professional education, family life, and daily responsibilities, there is barely time to breathe. Trust SRI to stay current with the latest oncology research, best practices in the field and, to develop advanced learning modules.

Access to Our Training

Here is how we provide you with convenient access to training and tools. Delivered in creative ways, to meet your needs:

  • Self-paced, online webinars
  • Virtual learning, including complete instructional videos and manual techniques
  • Step-by-step labs
  • Live (via Zoom) instruction and case study reviews with our experts
  • Online, printable tools

Within the space of one weekend, you will have the education, skills, and tools you need to provide expert care immediately. Start your course on Saturday and on Monday, you’ll be providing leading-edge oncology care.