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Advanced Oncology Rehabilitation Training

Providing advanced oncology training & consulting for healthcare professionals, rehabilitation facilities, and cancer centers—from diagnosis and beyond

The Trusted Source For Rehab Education

Specialty Rehab has provided expert oncology rehabilitation for over 20 years.  Backed by our extensive experience, our training and consulting services include the tools and guidance you'll need to develop an evidence-based, comprehensive program for each patient.  SRI is proud of the courses we have built.  They are packed with the latest evidence-based material, include real case studies, and offer step-by-step training.  Learn at your own pace and implement your skills the next day. 

Become the therapist you'd trust to treat your loved ones.

What Makes Us Different

We provide advanced oncology training for healthcare professionals to facilitate the patients' and caregivers' healing and self-management from prehabilitation through palliation.

How We Do It

We stay current with the latest oncology research and best practices to develop advanced learning modules for busy healthcare professionals. We provide them with convenient access to training and tools delivered in creative ways to meet their needs for immediate use with patients and caregivers.

Why We Do It
Why We Do It

We want to be the trusted source for oncology professionals to access the advanced training they need to provide the rehabilitation and tools every patient and caregiver deserves.